The Holy Ones

The Holy Ones - The Holy One clan was established by two people from Xbox Live. Austin Ennest (TheHolyOne8) and Remy Hepburn (TheHolyOne7). The Holy One clan is different from any other clan, we do what we want, When we want. Austin is the leader of Heave
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 How you doin' - xBeg4mercy

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PostSubject: How you doin' - xBeg4mercy   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:07 am

Hey Everyone xBeg4mercy here, just a quick intro about myself. I am co-leader of the whole clan aswell the website designer and leader of the Halo 3 branch! yay! Cool so I hope to make this clan a gigantic success and control the world!!!! Twisted Evil

But I guess this will do for now! :p Send me a message you guys need help on anything or if you just have any questions in general king
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How you doin' - xBeg4mercy
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